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...fairytale yarn from Ireland...

we offer handdyed yarn directly from the green island. Inspired by the rough seas, the juicy meadows, the unique Irish mentality and the celtic mythology we create fairytale like colours and colour combinations.  Yarn has tradition here in Ireland, so we guarantee high quality with a special Irish touch. Our colours are unique, but always reorderable. If you need larger amounts then listed, please contact us :) 

Dear customers, we are going into our "Babyfbreak" from 01.05.2019 

What does that mean for you ?

The shop will stay open !

Spinning Fibres and Hiya Hiya products are available from our stock

 Yarns HAVE TO be produced. You can order yarn but there will be a long delivery time ( extreme case until the end of Babybreak July/ August possible but not expected)